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We always work by appointment because Studio Palermo specialises in custom design tattoos. If you just drop by, the chances are that we cannot help you in that moment. We don't want to waste your time. If we pre-arrange a consultation, we can assure you that we will have plenty of time to go over your idea and to advice and assist you in the conception of your tattoo design.

It is very hard to discuss something visual and close to your heart over the phone. But we also want to save you a trip to Studio Palermo in case it might be better for you to have it done at another tattoo studio. We think it is much nicer that when we meet in person, we have something prepared to build upon. Also, by looking over the visual of your idea, we are able to check in advance if Sven is the right artist for your tattoo.

No emails really. Surprised? We prefer the post. Send us a letter in the post. We have discovered that we actually work better with a real to goodness letter ︎. It’s old-fashioned, but a really wonderful way to get to know you. Please send your ideas by post to the studio:
Studio Palermo
Lange Nieuwstraat 63
2000 Antwerp

In your letter, don’t forget to provide your name and your contact information. Don’t forget to include your phone number.
Describe the tattoo you want, the size of the tattoo, where you want it placed and also the style of it. Remember we do not work with colour since we specialise in black and gray tattoos.
Please enclose in the letter, a high quality copy of your photo, no original pictures, and any reference material and source of inspiration for the tattoo. If you live abroad, please let us know when you are travelling to Antwerp. Please note that there is a waiting list and you need to mail at least four months ahead.
We do not make appointments by email or over the phone anymore, but we are looking forward to some good old-fashioned letters! We will get back to you after we receive your letter. Be specific about your tattoo. ︎ See detailed instructions.

Due to the volume of requests received, it might take longer than anticipated to get back to you. Please give us a few weeks to respond to you. If you have the feeling that it’s taking much too long, please give us a ring.
Below are some common and not so common reasons why you may have not received a response yet:
︎ Contact Information is missing. You forgot to add your contact details, and we can’t get back to you!! You would be surprised how many letters we receive at the studio without contact details, great ideas that would make great tattoos placed on the back burner.
︎ We just cannot reach you by phone. Often we call you and leave a message on your voicemail to call us back, however instead we receive a second letter. So, if we call you, simply call us back.
︎ A letter gets lost in transit. Although this rarely occurs, your letter simply does not arrive. If you have not heard from us within four weeks, please call us during the allotted times to double-check if we have received your letter yet.

If you have any questions regarding your letter please call us about it.

We work with black, white, and gray. We don’t have any colour ink in stock, not even ‘a touch’ ;-).

Welcome! You are in the right place. Sven prefers to design the tattoo himself! We have many customers who trust Sven completely to design something extraordinary for them.

A cool drawing does not always make a good tattoo. Meaning Sven doesn’t usually do this.

A tattoo should be yours truly. We have a ‘no copy’ rule. Yes, we do fan tattoos, however only if your idol agrees and gives his or her permission. Yes to universal symbols. Yes to words, as they are not considered copies. If you are not sure, you can always check with us.

No copies. We believe art should be original. During the consultation, we can advise you and provide you assistance in making interesting choices personal to you.

We believe everyone is unique with his or her own style. Imagine copying someone else’s handwriting. Even if you do copy it, you can see it’s not the same, recognize it as a fake. A tattoo is like handwriting and it is also not our purpose to copy someone else’s work. The important thing about having a tattoo is that it should be original and should define you.

Out of respect for our customers who have ordered their specific tattoos, we will not reproduce it…

The cost of a tattoo depends on the size, complexity, style, technique, and even where it is placed. Give us a call and let’s talk about it (Call us in the afternoons on Tuesday).

The deposit is 150€. We accept payments by cash or by debit/bank cards. At this time we are unable to accept credit cards.

For a realistic portrait tattoo, a sharp and clear image works best. Any copies sent to us should be of high quality. We advise you to send us copies rather than the original pictures to safeguard them. It is really important to pay attention to the quality of the image. If we can’t see the entire face or if the picture is too blurry or overexposed, the tattoo will not resemble your loved ones. We highly recommend that you send in an assortment of pictures to select from so we can help you pick the best one for a tattoo design.

Photorealistic portrait tattoos need to be at least 12 cm in height in order to draw in the details. A large size tattoo allows for more details to be applied.

The picture you send in to us is the one we model the tattoo on. We do not make any amendments. If you want a portrait that is really true to your dad, it should reflect who he is. We think you should not mess with the hair.

Generally, the smaller a tattoo design is the fewer details it should have whereas the bigger a tattoo design is the more details it can have. This doesn’t mean small tattoos can’t be interesting. They are just different enterprises. It is important to keep in mind how the tattoo will look in a few years.

Please call us during the allotted times.